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Savor the rich, smoky flavors of our USDA inspected brisket at Cassidy Meat Co. Sourced from Estes Farms at Cassidy Station, our brisket comes from grass-fed, grain-finished cattle known for their superior quality and flavor.

Brisket is a beloved cut prized for its intense marbling and deep beefy taste. It's ideal for low and slow cooking methods such as smoking, braising, or slow-roasting, allowing the meat to tenderize while absorbing rich flavors. Whether you're preparing classic Texas-style barbecue, hearty chili, or flavorful sandwiches, our brisket promises to deliver a mouthwatering experience that reflects our commitment to quality and responsibly raised meats.

At Cassidy Meat Co., we uphold stringent standards for sustainability and animal welfare, ensuring each cut of brisket meets our criteria for excellence. Discover the exceptional tenderness and flavor of our premium brisket, carefully raised and expertly prepared for your culinary enjoyment.

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