Cassidy Station Restoration Project

Cassidy Station Restoration Project

At Cassidy Station, we hold dear the values of heritage, home, and the farm. In celebration of 150 remarkable years of Estes Farms, we embarked on the restoration journey of our family farmstead in Cassidy, Missouri, starting in 2022. Today, our farm has undergone a complete transformation, inviting the public to explore and cherish our history while making a positive impact on our community for years to come.
To honor our legacy, we meticulously restored five original buildings, each playing a part in continuing the timeless story of Estes Farms. These include the Mercantile, Flower Co, Meat Co, an Airbnb, and various event spaces, all contributing to our heritage project.
We invite you to visit us, experience the charm of the farm, and join us for a delightful cup of coffee. Embrace the warmth and history that grace our grounds at Cassidy Station—a place where our past meets the promise of a vibrant future.

The Farmhouse & Workshop

The Hay Barn

The Lower Barn


The Stables

The Depot

The Amphitheater

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