Workshops at The Farm

Every workshop hosted at Cassidy Station is not just an opportunity to learn something new, but a chance to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. Dive into the world of floral design, gardening & seeding, or many specialty workshops with local makers and artisans while enjoying the rustic charm of our historic family farm. Each workshop is ideal for an exciting girls' night out, a cozy date night, a creative corporate party, or a birthday bash with a twist. Join us for a fun and immersive experience, where you can unleash your creativity and take home something truly special.

What To Expect


  • Engaging hands-on instruction on a range of topics from our lead floral designer or trusted local artisians
  • Enjoy a lively atmosphere with refreshing drinks, fun music, and the joy of creating together
  • Learn in depth about a range of topics from floral care, floral types, seed starting, creating a custom perfume, making beef tallow, sustainability in farming, and much more.


  • Create your own unique flower arrangement in our signature "From the Garden" style
  • All necessary supplies provided, including clippers (Cassidy Flower Co. property), vases, water, and flower food
  • Topics covered throughout the workshop will consist of general design instruction, general flower care, plus some tips, tricks and fun facts about flowers. 
  • The color palette will be Seasonal Designer's Choice, which consists of fun, seasonal flower varieties and colors. Color palettes provide a general color scheme, but do not guarantee exact colors, only an idea of the possible color range.
  • Cassidy Flower Co. is proud to source locally grown flowers as much as possible and purchases from wholesalers when necessary. Due to the nature of this event as a group workshop, there will be no exact types of flowers, exact colors, or specific dimensions of the blooms. We guarantee each arrangement is created with intentionality using quality products.

All events will take place in the Depot Building located at Cassidy Station, 5176 N. Fremont Rd. Nixa, MO.

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