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As you explore our Mercantile, witness the perfect companionship between our farm's heartwarming tales and the unique stories that makes each brand unique, creating a shopping experience that resonates with the spirit of Cassidy Station. We hope you feel the warmth of home in every story we share.


Growing up, made from scratch dinners and sitting together at the table were our norm—this notion of simplicity has guided us for nearly a decade. Heirloomed was created as a tribute to Grandma Cele's and her mastery in sewing, love for cooking, and the heart for entertaining. My most cherished family heirlooms include handwritten recipe cards, family photos, jewelry, and passed down china. In a disposable world, the true treasures are those with a story and a history. This mantra is what puts the spirit of Heirloomed in to words.

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Our designs blend the traditional, handmade craft with contemporary design—revolutionizing handmade textiles for the modern home. We honor the past and slow fashion movement by hand-stitching one-of-a-kind, pieces that reduce fabric waste and are made from eco-friendly low-impact dyes, vintage fabric and GOTS certified organic cotton. We challenge the textile industry’s exploitative practices by investing in our artisans and creating a human connection that extends worldwide. Each design explores the relationship between art and storytelling, bridging the gap between consumers and each piece’s maker along her journey to empowerment.

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We are a community of people who believe life is a series of small and beautiful miracles worth celebrating. We reside and create from our home-based studio and workshop at the heart of our 15-acre wooded property in the midwest. Here, surrounded by inspiration in the form of wildlife and barefoot children, we turn simple, fleeting moments into lasting and meaningful design. Our hope is that the care and quality we imbue into our products will last a family for years; that our items will be used, worn, gifted, cherished, and handed down from friend to friend, sister to sister, even generation to generation. We pour our hearts into making heirloom-quality, everyday goods because we know what it's like to want to hold onto something forever.

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The Kinlands

A respite tucked into the suburban landscape of Riverton, Utah, The Kinlands is a place to walk a little slower, inhale the scents of the season, and remember your inner wild.

You might know us as a heart-centered spot to buy regional produce and the best pastries for miles. We love that. But The Kinlands is also a place where the simple beauty of life will reveal itself to you — if you let it. We hope you’ll come to witness the rhythms here in every season, whether there’s grass beneath your feet or snow beneath your boots.

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Our Story

Cassidy Station stands as a testament to our deep-rooted values of heritage, farm, and home. In a tribute to 150 years of Estes Farms, our journey began in 2022 with the restoration of our family farmstead, a cherished piece of history. With a vision to preserve our legacy and make a positive impact on the community, we opened the fully renovated farm to the public in December of 2022, inviting generations to connect with our rich heritage.

As part of this extensive restoration, five original buildings were meticulously revitalized, breathing new life into the essence of Estes Farms. The once beloved family farmhouse was restored to new life as Cassidy Mercantile—a charming general store that not only carries the stories of the farm, but also of each brand that it includes ..

Within the Mercantile, discover a curated collection that mirrors our values—well-made, hard-to-find, quality, sustainable, and steeped in history. Here, every product, from farm-fresh provisions to artisan crafts, carries a narrative that resonates with the spirit of Cassidy Station.