History Of Cassidy Station and Estes Farms

History Of Cassidy Station and Estes Farms

In the year 1872, a remarkable journey unfolded when the Estes family embarked from Kentucky to Missouri. Their destination: Cassidy, Missouri, where they acquired two farmsteads nestled along what is now known as State Highway CC in Northern Christian County. This cherished family farm, later named Cassidy Station, found its first stewards in Pleasant Green Estes and his wife, Sarah—ancestors to Kyle Estes, his great, great, great grandparents.

Milford Estes took over the farm and nurtured it until the early 1950s when it passed to his brother, Everett. After Everett's passing, Cassidy Station found new hands in John Estes, Kyle's great-grandfather. Gene Estes, John's son, dedicated years of hard work to the land. Eventually, Kyle and Hollie Estes fulfilled their dream of owning the farm by purchasing it from Kyle's grandmother, Doris Estes.

Cassidy Station, part of Estes Farms, is steeped in the vibrant history of the Estes family and their life in Cassidy, Missouri. Kyle and Hollie hold a deep desire to share the remarkable tales, experiences, and the natural beauty that this farm has woven into their family's tapestry. For Kyle, owning this land has been a lifelong aspiration, driven by the yearning to safeguard the farmstead's heritage for future generations.

In celebration of 150 years of Estes Farms, Kyle and Hollie initiated a special heritage project in 2022. Their goal: to revive the property, conserve the family legacy, and open its doors to the public, inviting everyone to revel in its history and splendor. 


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