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Cantaloupe-Hale's Best Jumbo

Cantaloupe-Hale's Best Jumbo

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Oh, lovely sweet melon! One of the best-known melons and very productive! Can be started inside 4 weeks before the last frost or outside after the soil has warmed. When transplanting outside do not disturb roots. Plant in soil mounds or hills and thin to 2 best plants per hill. Using a good quality garden fertilizer of your choice following the manufacturer's directions will increase your yields. Water during hot, dry periods.

Seed information: Lifecycle: annual (vegetable) Time to maturity: about 2 1/2 months Sun requirement: sun Spacing: 24" apart Depth: 1/2 inch Packet weight: 1.2g Seeds/oz: 850 Ideal germination temperature: 75-85f Sowing method: transplant Heirloom year: 1923 heirloom

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