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Ground Beef Patties

Ground Beef Patties

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Indulge in the convenience and exceptional quality of our USDA inspected ground beef patties at Cassidy Meat Co. Sourced exclusively from Estes Farms at Cassidy Station, our patties are crafted from grass-fed, grain-finished cattle known for their superior flavor and tenderness.

Each package includes 3 patties and each patty weighs 1/3 lb. and are expertly formed for perfect grilling or cooking consistency. Whether you're hosting a barbecue or preparing a quick weeknight meal, our ground beef patties offer convenience without compromising on taste. They're ideal for creating mouthwatering burgers that everyone will love, showcasing the rich, beefy flavor that defines Cassidy Meat Co.

At Cassidy Meat Co., we prioritize sustainability and responsible farming practices, ensuring each pack of ground beef patties meets our stringent standards for quality and safety. Discover the ease and deliciousness of our USDA inspected ground beef patties, thoughtfully prepared for your culinary pleasure.

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