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Pepper-California Wonder Pepper (Sweet)

Pepper-California Wonder Pepper (Sweet)

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A standard sweet bell pepper for your garden! Nicely sized and versatile for cooking, freezing, or fresh. Can be harvested at the green stage or wait a few weeks for them to turn red! Both colors are delish! Start inside about 6-8 weeks before the last frost date. When the first set of true leaves appear transplant to 2" pots. After frost has passed transplant outside in either garden bed or larger containers. Peppers like to be warm so be sure to keep roots mulched.

SEED INFORMATION: Lifecycle: annual (vegetable) Time to Maturity: about 2 1/2 months Sun Requirement: sun Spacing: 12" apart Depth: 1/4 inch Packet Weight: 450mg Seeds/Oz: 5000 Ideal Germination Temperature: 80F Sowing Method: Transplant Heirloom Year: 1928 Heirloom Plant Scientific Name: Capsicum

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