Short Ribs

Short Ribs

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Indulge in the succulent richness of our USDA inspected short ribs at Cassidy Meat Co. Sourced exclusively from Estes Farms at Cassidy Station, our short ribs come from grass-fed, grain-finished cattle known for their exceptional quality and flavor.

Short ribs are renowned for their tender, meaty texture and rich, beefy taste. Whether you braise them slowly for hours until they melt in your mouth, grill them to savory perfection, or incorporate them into hearty stews and soups, our short ribs promise to elevate any dish with their robust flavor.

At Cassidy Meat Co., we are committed to sustainability and responsible farming practices, ensuring each cut of short ribs meets our rigorous standards. Experience the exceptional tenderness and depth of flavor in our premium short ribs, thoughtfully raised and skillfully prepared for your culinary pleasure.

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