Soup Bones

Soup Bones

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Indulge in the rich, hearty flavors of our USDA inspected soup bones at Cassidy Meat Co. Sourced from Estes Farms at Cassidy Station, our soup bones come from grass-fed, grain-finished cattle known for their exceptional quality and nutritional value.

Soup bones, typically from the beef shank or knuckle, are perfect for creating flavorful broths and soups. Known for their marrow-rich center and collagen-packed joints, our soup bones enhance the depth and richness of any soup or stock. Slow simmering allows the bones to release their nutrients, resulting in a nourishing and satisfying culinary experience.

At Cassidy Meat Co., we are committed to sustainability and responsible farming practices, ensuring each batch of soup bones meets our strict standards for quality and taste. Discover the wholesome goodness and versatility of our premium soup bones, thoughtfully raised and carefully prepared for your culinary enjoyment.

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