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Copper Garden Fork with Wooden Handle

Copper Garden Fork with Wooden Handle

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Are you looking for a handy garden fork with extra sharp teeth for perfect root protection during planting? Then Botang's copper garden fork is just the thing for you! The garden fork is made of stainless steel finished with copper plate and is therefore extremely strong and durable to use. In addition, the wooden handle has an ergonomic design, so it is comfortable in the hand and you do not experience any pain symptoms. The three sharp metal teeth provide extra stability during planting and the finished handle provides ideal stabbing force.

The garden fork has a length of 29 centimetres, a working width of 8 centimetres and the handle has a thickness of 4 centimetres. As a result, it has a compact design and is very lightweight, so you can store or carry it easily and quickly. Dimensions: L 29 x W 8 x H 4 cm Working width: 8 cm Teeth material: Stainless steel finished with copper plate Handle material: Finished wood

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