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Cup of Cheer

Cup of Cheer

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Our "Cup of Cheer" arrangement features a mix of wildflower and garden style blooms. This cheery design is full of fun flowers and fillers. The "Cup of Cheer" is perfect for the person who loves something very natural, bright, and enjoys southern inspired home decor.

Photo: Main photo features the "Corrugated Vase" style

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COLOR PALETTES: Color palettes provide a general color scheme, but do not guarantee exact colors, only an idea of the possible color range. Color palettes are flexible and will be best adhered to by our designers using their best judgment. 

DELIVERIES: PLEASE PROVIDE A CONTACT PHONE NUMBER WHEN CHECKING OUT. We are happy to provide local delivery within a 15 mile radius of our shop for a small fee. At checkout we allow you to choose a delivery date and REQUEST a delivery time. Delivery TIME selected is only a request, not an absolute, as it is impossible for us to guarantee an exact time of delivery due to the nature of our business. Delivery time is guaranteed between 12-4pm unless otherwise communicated by us (like in the instance of flower holidays Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, etc.). We will NOT DELIVER if the temperature is extreme (20 degrees or below and 95 degrees or above) as these temperatures can quite literally shock the flowers and kill them when taken outside. If the temperature is extreme on the requested day of delivery, we will contact the customer that ordered the arrangement and inform them that we must delay the delivery until the weather is within a deliverable temperature. IF RECIPIENT IS NOT HOME, the recipient will be notified of attempted delivery and IF WEATHER FORECAST PERMITS, arrangement will be left in a safe spot outside the home. Person will be notified of the location of the delivery. IF WEATHER DOES NOT PERMIT the arrangement being left outside, recipient will be notified of attempted delivery and arrangement will be brought back to our shop and available for pickup. WE WILL NOT DELIVER TWICE. We are not responsible for the recipient not being available to receive the arrangement at the time of delivery. If delivery is attempted to a workplace and the recipient is not available to receive at the time of delivery, arrangement may be left with the front desk or a coworker in close proximity. If delivery is attempted to a workplace and it is closed, recipient will be contacted and notified that the arrangement will be available for pickup at our store. For hospital deliveries and apartment deliveries, we MUST know the room number or apartment number. If the recipient lives in a gated community and gate code is not provided, we will attempt to contact them for the gate code but not wait for more than 3 minutes after attempted contact. If they do not respond with the code, we will let them know the arrangement will be available for pickup at our shop.

Cassidy Flower Co. is proud to source locally grown flowers as much as possible. In addition to using fresh product from local flower farmers, we receive flowers from wholesale markets as needed. Given the nature of flowers as a perishable product, we do not and can not guarantee exact types of flowers, exact colors, or specific dimensions of the blooms. We do guarantee each design is created with intentionality, using quality products and will adhere to your order request as best we can.

When ordering from Cassidy Flower Co. we ask that the customer understands floral design is an art, which means there is room for interpretation and creativity. We understand that our customers trust us to create something fresh, beautiful, and appropriate for the occasion to the best of our ability. Thank you for trusting us in life's best and most difficult moments.

This arrangement is ideal for just because, birthdays, sympathy, anniversary, celebrations, and more.

Returns & Refunds: Cassidy Flower Co. does not accept returns or provide refunds for any floral designs that have been purchased. We are not responsible for and have no way of knowing how the delicate, perishable product was cared for after leaving our shop. Several factors can affect the lifespan of flowers causing them to wilt or die faster than anticipated, including, but not limited to, being in direct sunlight, being in front of an AC or heating vent, being too hot or too cold, the stems not touching the water, the arrangement running out of water, the water not being clean or changed frequently, the flower petals being touched, and much more. In the rare instance that the flowers have died within 24 hours of receiving them and there were no apparent outside factors that could have caused this, this could mean there was simply a “bad batch” of flowers, which does happen in rare occasions due to their nature of being a natural and perishable product. If you believe this to be the case, please contact us immediately and provide a photo of the arrangement, as we will be happy to provide you with a healthy and fresh replacement arrangement.

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